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Launched in 2018, JOBJACK was created as a platform for job seekers and employers to connect. Our co-founders realised, after organising waitering jobs for friends and family, that there is a need for a singular platform where job seekers can find available positions.

JOBJACK is a marketplace for entry-level positions, focusing on posting jobs that require no tertiary education. By staying up to date with technology we have created an easy to use platform for users to register, creating a JOBJACK CV for them and giving them free access to apply for positions in their area. Companies have the same option to register on the JOBJACK platform and post their available positions - giving them access to reliable and relevant candidates.

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The team

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team member

Heine Bellingan


Heine has caught the world record Jack Crevalle Kingfish.

team member

Christiaan van den Berg


Christiaan danced for his wife at their wedding ceremony - the YouTube video has over 4 million views!

team member

Nina Coetzee

Chief Financial Officer

'Bargain shopper' is Nina's middle name!

team member

Andre Coetzee

Canadian partner

Andre serves as our technological consultant all the way from Canada!

team member

Gerhard De Wet

Chief Technology Officer

In his free time, Gerhard enjoys woodwork.

team member

Jaco Basson

Junior Software Developer

Jaco is enthusiastic about all things digital.

team member

Ruan Smit

Junior Software Developer

"Jaco is my biggest fan."

team member

Justin Smith

Junior Software Developer

Petrol head. A moment behind the wheel is a winning moment for Justin.

team member

Carla Truter

Marketing Manager

Carla loves shopping and all things fashion.

team member

Richard-James Dixon

Operations Manager

Richard can solve a rubix cube in under a minute.

team member

Dané Meyer

User Relations

When Dané sits on her office chair, her feet can't touch the ground.