Custom Recruitment Automation

Utilise the JOBJACK platform to streamline your recruiting process

By automating the recruitment process HR departments will have more time to look after the well-being of staff and waste less hours on manual administrative tasks relating to recruitment.

How does JOBJACK automate the recruitment process?

Applicant job vacancy sign up

Standardising applications

All candidates apply through a standardised platform / interface which allows you to capture relevant data for relevant candidate identification.

Applicant job vacancy apply

Relevant candidate identification

Automatically identify relevant candidates through mobile friendly online tests, custom filters and algorithms.

Applicant notification

Interview scheduler

Integrate with our automatic interview scheduler which notifies candidates via SMS and Whatsapp.

Applicant vacancy interview

Automate candidate onboarding

Capture supporting documents within seconds with a phone or scanner.


Instantly upload and link all supporting documents to a candidate’s profile for future reference.


Review and approve all supporting documents once uploaded.


Autogenerate employment contracts.

Applicant vacancy filled

Online signing and storage of contracts

No need to print contracts. Employees sign electronic employment contracts with their finger on a phone or mouse on a computer.

Applicant vacancy filled

Integration with payroll software

Automatically add employee to payroll software after signing of contract.

Applicant help

Automate employee termination

Generate, sign and store pre-populated resignation letter.


Initiate automatic abscondment messages to comply with CCMA regulations with the click of a button.

If you are interested in how JOBJACK can help streamline your recruitment process, please contact us on 083 655 9370 / [email protected]